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Secondary Glazing feature overview - professionally installed by Tec Glass

The Tec Glass Secondary Glazing consists of a slim aluminium outer frame joined to a seasoned hardwood surround, with a standard finished in white. The product is suitable for all types of buildings including Grade I and II listed as well as conservation areas.

A comprehensive range of styles is available to suit most many different applications, including Horizontal sliders, hinged units, lift-out units, Vertical sliders, as well as balanced and tilt & turn vertical sliders.

The most popular style is the Horizontal slider, and these are fitted with brass rollers ensuring a smooth a reliable sliding action, plus there are twin brush seals that provide more effective draught proofing and insulation.

The standard colour finish is white however we can accommodate any R.A.L. colour to suit individual requirements and paint schemes. We can also provide a wide range of glass types such as clear, patterned, toughened, laminated and acoustic.

Other options include locks and shaped units, such as circular or arched heads, even gothic.

Major Benefit 1: Draughty windows solved

Many properties with single glazed windows will suffer from draughts which tend to only get worse as time passes with breakages or cracks adding to the issue. A minimum cost solution would be on-site repairs and making use of heavy curtains or blinds. However most people would prefer to have the curtains open most of the time and also repairs might not be cost effective or even possible, each situation varies.

A medium cost but effective solution would be to have a high quality secondary glazing system professionally installed. This is much less disruptive than removing and replacing existing windows, is usually more effective than standard double glazing (as the air gap is normally at least 100mm) and eliminates draughts. This also means less money spent on heating bills and over time a substantial offset against this investment.

A higher cost solution would be to refurbish the single pane, maybe leaded windows and timber or steel frames. Then add secondary glazing to achieve a double glazed solution. This would be naturally more disruptive but reduces further the heat loss, reduces ongoing maintenance and - especially if selling or renting - enhances the value of the property significantly. For more information on traditional window refurbishment please also see: Crittall Window Restoration | Leaded Window Repairs | About Tec Glass

Situations where this product could be best suited?

Major Benefit 2: Noise pollution dramatically reduced

Unfortunately a fact of life but noise pollution is frequently substantial from transport or more public areas and particularly within busy towns or cities. It is a fact that the cavity or gap that exists between a primary (usually single glazed) window and the secondary window  makes a massive difference to the transmission of noise. The greater the cavity the more the noise is reduced and therefore it is more effective than a standard sealed (double glazed) unit.

Cheaper secondary glazing solutions that stick to the existing window frame using magnets, or do not use glass (maybe thin plastic) are therefore not going to offer anywhere near the same benefit. Tec Glass use a market leading product with a high quality aluminium frame, hardwood outer frame and choice of glazing.

A choice of glazing is important so that we can cater for extreme noise (e.g. aircraft) with a special laminated product (stadip silence) but we can also use different thickness of standard gazing (e.g. 6mm or 10mm). A different thickness glass on the inner secondary unit increases noise suppression. Even with basic 4mm glazing traffic noise can be reduced by over 30 dB.

Additional Benefits of Secondary Glazing

Quick installation – Our secondary glazing system will arrive on-site fully fabricated, with ready to install frames that reduce time to fit considerably. This shortens installation time but Tec Glass still ensure that the quality and standard of finish is excellent regardless.

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